I was born in 1951 and grew up in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. After graduating from Mercer County Community College, I went to work for N.J. State Government. This is when I became interested in photography. In 1977 I moved to the Jersey Shore to a town called South Seaside Park....it was a great spot to pursue my photography! It was here where I could explore the bay, the beach, and Island Beach State Park. I've been enjoying the art of photography for over thirty years, shooting a wide variety of subjects from sailing, surfing, skateboarding, windsailing, kite sailing and wildlife....always trying to discover new areas of interest. The endless possibilities of this craft encourages me to constantly expand my abilities and knowledge. I love shooting fast moving subjects either on film or catching the moment on a memory card. Surfing....the action is never the same at any given time, wildlife photography....you never know what to expect and there are always surprises. My natural impulse is the desire to catch the action through pictures.

Some of my photos have been Featured in Easter Surf Magazine, Surfer Magazine, Surfing Magazine, Surfer Path, Transworld Skate Magazine, Outside Magazine and The Storm Riders Guide North America.